?傍水而居,和山水融为一体,在喧嚣的闹市中清幽自得,在含蓄节制的空间中屏蔽干扰,心灵真正的得以升华。This elegant building by the lake, integrated into the landscape,will never fail to fascinate people. The emotion inspired by the atmosphere of elegancy, making people who live here enjoy the serenity of nature in the busy urbanism.

?是白,是黑,是节制,也是浮夸;是静,是动,是和谐,也是矛盾。6米高的挑空玄关,泼洒下1000多颗璀璨的金属雨滴。流韵点金是浮夸的,更是震撼的。《见南山》边柜上中式摆物是寂静的;红色花器里悄然窜起的龙柳是躁动的……这深深浅浅的矛盾与道要每一位缘者细细的品鉴。The theory of harmony founded in the design concept. Black and white decorations create the balance from the aesthetical point of view. Hundreds splendid golden stars radiate dazzlingly underneath the marvelous dome. Glamour vases are set on the Ming style furniture nearby theflyaway plants. All these settings are appreciated by those sophisticated citizens.

?围合式的家庭厅带着独特气韵和生命灵性。中式禅意与西洋玩物的碰撞,逸趣横生;敦实的布艺沙发与纤细的传世家具相得益彰;天花的艺术吊灯与高低错落的茶几相会呼应,如同休止符,欲言又止。将视野延伸到窗景外,满眼的草木绿意,宁静与虚实间塑造出清雅意境。Over here, philosophy of East and Technology of West make an interesting combination which brings unique DNA to the living room. Furniture has been settled at the most appropriate position. Grass and trees outside the window bring the inner peace to every guest in the saloon.

?流年似水,静候的每个寂静清晨,被倾洒进来的晨光唤醒。墨色似烟雾缭绕,被阳光拨开,无需多余的笔墨,缘者便能了悟当中的意境。Sun light,as the best morning ring for a good day, wakepeople up at dawn,make their dream seemingly come true.

?雪梅化作白色的涟漪,漂浮起舞在水面上。缘者揣一颗平常心,从容淡然地闲庭信步,时而看世间风轻雨淡,时而三五知己高谈理想。Balcony is always the best place for talking. The company of friends could warm people even in the rainy winter night.

?风与声的交汇,青葱绿意,潺潺流水,平静中蕴含着空灵。与风景融为一体,感受精神的力量。The yard is full of spiritual energy with such good view. People could always enjoy a peaceful moment here.

?一剪寒枝,期待与缘者的一次邂逅。笔墨深浅,寂寥无声,运用留白艺术,将空白延伸扩展,勾勒山水意境。The interior decorationfeatures traditional Chinese painting which reveals a sense of ancient Chinese favor.

?运用构成的设计手法,屏风分隔了两个空间,同时又融合了它们。是动,是静,是矛盾。绢布上若隐若现的红梅与茶桌上挑出的罗汉松,是对比,又是和谐。在如此一个充满了矛盾的和谐空间里,寻找心之所向。The usage of Chinese Screen splits the space, also reunion them with the traditional Eastern aesthetic by means of the painting on the Screen.

?对称式布局的会客厅融汇了设计师的大胆塑造。复杂而隆重的天花纹样、简洁现代的艺术云灯;湖水蓝与落日橙的搭配;中式纹理搭配现代的家具等等。用不拘一格的西方审美营造静谧的东方美学。正如在喧嚣处寻觅逸趣风雅,怡然自得。 It is a bold design to applya symmetrical layout for the parlor. The ceiling with a specific pattern, the lantern in concise style, the match of lake blue and sunset orange, the furniture covered by traditional pattern texture, all those elements in the parlor present a Chinese favor through western method,wish to let people catching a glimpse of a elegancy in crowd.



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